Best Gas Grills Under 1000- Reviewed in detail (June 2020)

Everyone wants an excellent grill to throw great parties. I have gone through many gas grills and sort out the best gas grills under 1000. 

The grills which We have provided in this list are very versatile. You can prepare any bbq with the help of these grills.

The points which we have taken care of while preparing the list are the total dimension, number of BTU’s, And cooking area. And the warming rack is also a significant part to be considered.

These features are the essential parts of a grill. And To know how much food you can cook in a single time. And if you throw large parties, we have some unique grills for you.

best gas grills under 1000
Grilled Food

Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 LP Grill, Black|Best gas grill under 1000?

The first gas grill on this list is Weber gas grill, and In this price range, this gas grill is top-rated due to its dynamic features. A most remarkable feature is the GS4 grilling system which makes it easy to operate for every person.

So let’s get started. This Weber gas grill comes with a total of three stainless steel burners which have abilities to produce 37,500 BTUs per hour. 

The primary cooking has a space of 513 square inches. And 156 square inches warming rack which helps you to keep your food warm.

The Weber Genesis E310 has porcelain-enamelled cast-iron grates. Cast iron grates are perfect for providing evenly to meat and avoid burning the food.

best gas grills under 1000
Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310

A porcelain-coated grate is an excellent option in this grill because these grates can leave beautiful marks on the meat. Apart from this.

These grates are very easy to clean without any special maintenance. The grates are long-lasting, but metal grates are not that much durable.

Weber grills have another great feature which I want to highlight, The Flavorizer bar system. Some Unique Weber gas grills have this flavorizer bar. This bar has abilities to catch drippings of fat and circulate the drippings to food.

And improve the aroma and flavour of the meat. The flavorizer bar has built from high-quality steel burners tubes.

Genesis II E-310 has an electric ignition system, which makes it very easy to operate and this is an electrically operated ignition. Furthermore, it has front-mounted control knobs.

A porcelain-enameled shroud, is also present in this weber gas grill, which helps to retains the maximum heat. With all its features I thought that this can be a good gas grill under 1000.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • powerful Gs4 grilling system
  • cast-iron cooking grates
  • Large Cooking Area
  • Rusts quickly if left uncovered

Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner gas grill

This is the second product of this list of char-broil gas grills. This grill is massive, having six burners at a reasonable price.

If you require that you want a powerful and big grill, then this might be the right fit for you. This grill does not have fancy finishing.

Char-Broil is more than a budget grill because they provide more cooking space. And have a lot of burners, so this is value for money product.

The Char-Broil Performance provides 650 square inches space for cooking. This is plenty of space for a big bbq party.

Six Burners can produce 60,000 BTU. We usually don’t see that much power from other gas grills. A Side burner is also included on the left side of the grill.

Five burners are manufactured from good quality stainless steel, and the sixth one is a sear burner.

best gas grills under 1000
Char-Broil Performance 650

With the help of a vast 280 square inches warming rack, you can keep the veggies and buns warm and enjoy the cooking experience.

This Weber gas grills have many more features, same as some popular grills in the market like a lid-mounted temperature gauge, ignition button.
It is effortless to clean this grill because it has a grease catching tray.

This tray is easy to remove and easy to wash off.
This Weber grill has two large double cabinets that are located in the lower portion.

You can store a gas tank in the lower cabinet and other important things.
Fancy LED knobs are not present in these grills.

But it has many more amazing features and spacious, as discussed before.
This is a heavy machine, but it is still easy to move around this grill with the help of its locking caster.

It is also considered one of the best gas grills under 1000. Because it has solid stainless steel built, even stainless steel grill lid, and it comes with a lot of space.

  • Six Stainless Steel Burners
  • High Quality
  • Large Cooking Space
  • 60,000 Btu
  • Not Fancy For some Users
  • Casters is of low quality

Weber Stephen Genesis II E-335 LP Grill-Best Gas Grills Under 1000 for small spaces

The third grill on our list is again from Weber. The Weber Genesis II E-335. It is a lot familiar to other Weber Gas grills which we discussed in this list.

The main differences from another model are its power E310 has 37,500 BTU, and this model has 39,000 BTU’s.

It does not have porcelain-coated grates; The stainless steel grates are included in Genesis II E-335. It also has Weber signature GS4 grilling system.

Now lets, see its main features which make it different from other grills which are produced by Weber.

Weber Stephen Genesis II E-335
Weber Stephen Genesis II E-335

Weber Genesis II has dedicated sear station for searing marks on the meat. This is the most popular feature which is different from E-310. The sear station is powered by 9,000 BTU The

You can also use the Side Burners for Sauté Or Simmer of BBQ sauce or Sauté veggies while the main course is cooking under the lid of the grill.

Go Pro For More HighlightsThe warming rack is the popular feature in every gas grill. Enclosed storage is also present in which you can store all necessary grilling tools and accessories. 

Side tables can be used for keeping platers, seasonings, and It is straightforward to hand the essential tools on the hook, which is present in this grill.

  • Sear Station
  • Stainless Steel Grates
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Side Burners
  • Only 3 Burners

Napoleon LEX485PSS1- Best Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon has solid quality, I am impressed by their gas grills. The model of napoleon we are referring to is LEX485PSS1 because it has 4 burners and many other features we discuss further on. 

Considering lex in this price range has a sweet spot and high value for money. It has much room for a big bbq party, also has a stainless steel body. Because of its features, it gathered its spot under a budget of 1000 dollars.

This grill is big because it has a total grilling space of 675 square inches with 4 burners and 48,000 BTU power.

It is a powerful grill if you want to through a summer party you can do it because it’s got you covered.

best gas grills under 1000 revied
Napoleon LEX485PSS1

Lex has all those features with are standard in this price range, 

  1. Push Button Ignition, Provides you battery-free operation.
  2. Stainless sear plates, They can catch drippings into a catch-pan.
  3. High-Quality stainless steel tube burners.
  4. Led backlit control knobs
  5. The thermometer is mounted on the lid.

Napoleon is a competitor of weber. Napoleon has exclusive wave-shaped stainless cooking grates that are not present in Weber gas grills. (Weber Genesis has porcelain-coated cast iron).

Everyone loves these grates because they do not require any special maintenance and can conduct heat very well. Lex covers its spot on this list because of its features.

As we discussed before his build quality, it’s exterior is made up of stainless steel. At this point, Napoleon beats Weber because it has a stainless steel cookbook and shroud.

Also, has large side shelves, Lower double-door cabinet along with a drink holder is also present.

You can store any type of propane tank because it has a roomy cabinet, after that spacious cabinet we still have space to store our grilling accessories.

We have discussed all its important features. LEX is a standout grill if you a newbie you don’t need to worry at all because it got you covered. You will get professional experience.

  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • 675 square inches of grilling area
  • battery-free ignition
  • LED Backlit control knobs
  • Side Burners Are not present

Broil King 923584 Baron S590-Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This grill is a beast, a real beast, it’s called “The Baron”. This is the largest grill on this list. It has a lot of space and a solid contender.

If you are looking for a huge grill this might be for you. When I saw this grill I didn’t resist adding this grill to this list.

Although its price is higher than the budget of 1000$. But it’s worth checking it out.

The Baron offers 805 square inches of total cooking area, Probably the largest primary cooking area in this list.

The warming rack is also included for keeping veggies heated and toasting the buns.

best gas grills under 1000- Best for large spaces
Broil King 923584

Baron has five stainless steel dual-tube burners. Thes burners have the power of 50,000 BTUs.

It also comes with a high power side burner with the power of 10,000 BTU. Additional 15,000 BTU rotisserie kit.

Standard features of the Baron is 

  1. Push Button for ignition
  2. Easy-access drip-tray
  3. Flav-R-Wave cooking system to proceed to drip back to the food.
  4. lid-mounted thermometer
  5. linear flow valves
  6. heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates.

Broil King (The Baron) has a lower cabinet with stainless steel double doors. Which provides a tremendous amount of space for grilling accessories.

Side Shelves are also present. The lower cabinet offers stainless steel double doors and lots of storage for all your grilling accessories.

The side shelves are also stainless and allow plenty of space for prep and storage as you’re cooking.

  • 805 square inches of total cooking space
  • 50,000 BTUs of power
  • Dual-tube burners
  • High-Quality Build
  • rotisserie kit
  • Assembling is not easy

Our Verdict

We researched and found the best grills in the said budget. And prepared the list. If your budget is a little bit more than 1000 dollars.

You can definitely go for Broil King S590 The Baron. It has large cooking space.

If you want to buy the best gas grill under 1000 you can check out Weber. Because they provide best grill and value for money.

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