Top 9 best natural gas grills under 500

Let’s jump onto the review of the best natural gas grills under 500. We will first discuss the benefits of gas grills over charcoal grills. After this information, You will see the major difference between the charcoal and gas ones. 

If you want to cook your food within a few minutes. That you should not go with charcoal grills. Because it takes some time to burn and cook the meat. 

And the also major noticeable difference is, Charcoal grills are messy then gas grills. But on this list, I will try my best to provide you with the grills, which have additional cleaning features. 

Different sizes are available from small to large grill, you can choose which suits you best, according to the area available on your backyard, Large cooking space, small cooking space. 

And gas grills don’t require any specific power if the electricity goes out you sill enjoy the food and a great bbq night with family and friends.

Do you know that Five of every six grills at home are powered by gas? 

Enough information right now, at the end we will also discuss some important before buying a gas grill,

That’s it now we should take a look at best grills under 500 dollars. And check wich grill suits you the best.

If you still want to see the charcoal grills you can check out the best charcoal grill in low budget

Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner|best natural gas grills under 500?

This is the top grill on our list and why not it has more than 850 ratings with 4.6 stars. And based on many reviews people also called this beauty the best three burner gas grill.

The Spirit II E310 has three burners, Which are made up of high-quality material. Weber tried their best to provide the premium quality grill in this price range. 

They succeeded this grill is on the top of our list because of its build quality. The reviews tell the truth.

Even it has only three burners it has a feel of the expensive grill. It has a larger cooking area, Good sized tables on both sides. 

This means you have much more room for preparation for your food. These tables can easily be folded without any hassle. 

Now let’s discuss its cooking area, The Spirit II has a total cooking space of 529 square inches. And 487 is provided to its three burners. 

This is plenty of space for a normal family. You don’t need to worry at all If you are a person that through small bbq parties, You can always go with this grill. And remaining 42 inches taken by foldable tables, 

Weber 45010001

Not only its build quality but Its cooking grates also has great quality, Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, These grates are a very good option because they have capabilities of transfer the even heat to the meat. 

Weber has added their GS4 Grilling system in it, Which has improved the quality of burner from the previous models. And Infinity ignition, Porcelain-enameled Glamorier Bars, And Grease management System,  

With the Grease management system, It is hasslefree to clean this grill after use. Another problem is also solved here, The cleaning grease cleaning problem. 

If you are curious to know, How much power these burners produce. Your wait is over, These stainless steel burners can produce 30,000 BTU per hour, This is not a less number.

I have discussed the main features of this model with you. Now let us check its secondary features. It has six hooks for hanging your essential grilling tools.

Two large wheels make this grill easy to move around. And the build thermometer which is mounted on the list of Spirit II. 

  • The cooking area is large
  • Side shelf for storage
  • Infinite electronic ignition system
  • High Cook Power
  • Side Burner
  • High Build Quality
  • Assembling is difficult

Monument Grills 17842-Natural Gas Grill under 500

Monument 17842 is on the second number on this list. Because it has good features And a larger cooking area. 

This grill can produce 72,000 BTUs, This is a huge amount for a four-burner grill, and also has an additional side burner. I am impressed with its 4 burner design and generous power. 

But I am not a fan of its build quality, Many people reviewed that this grill has a low-quality build, which rust quickly.

After these reviews, I considered in this list for you. Because of its power if you are a person who cares about the grills and covers the grill in rain.

You can always choose this grill for your backyard, It only requires extra care this s not a bad quality grill. 

Monument Grills 17842-Natural Gas Grill
Monument Grills 17842

The monument 17842 has a total cooking area of 723 square inches. The primary cooking area is covering 513 square inches, that’s mean you now through bbq parties. 

The remaining 210 square inches is covered by a warming rack. I think you know what is the purpose of warming rack If you don’t comment down.

It has many more features, and LED-powered knob which makes improves its beauty. And very helpful in dark areas. It also has one button ignition just like weber, this makes it much easier to start the grill. 

Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates which cook the meat evenly. Built-in thermometer which is lid mounted, You can easily check the temp. Inside the grill and maintain it accordingly. 

Stainless steel flame tamers maintain even heat delivery for consistent cooking across the entire cook surface

In this 500 dollars price tag, Monument grills are providing a handsome amount of features. It has more than 180 ratings with 4.5 stars. 

  • Large Cooking space
  • Warming Rack
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Stainless steel flame tamers
  • 72,000 BTUs
  • Quality Can be Improved

Weber 57060001 Q3200-Liquid Propane Grill

The third grill on our list is also from weber. It is a small-sized grill with a unique shape. It does not match the huge grills in shape. 

But this grill provides the best value for money for the money, And you can easily use it in small spaces. The Weber Q3200 has a lot of features lets check them out. 

Q3200 has Two stainless steel burners which produce 21.700 BTUs. This power is less from our previous models.

But quite good for small sized grills, This Model has a total cooking area of 393 square inches, Including A warming rack. 

Royal Gourmet Event
Weber 57060001 Q3200

Now let us have a look at its build quality. It has cast aluminum lid and body, But I still prefer Stainless Steel. Which is a good option for heat retention, And Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. 

Grill-Out handles light, Easy to start infinite ignition system, You don’t need any type of matches or letter for lighting this up. The AAA Battery is required for Grill-Out Handles. 

Weber Q3200 Operates on 2lb propane gas tank, It also has removable side tables, Which can be used for the preparation of food. And a bottom shelf for storage. With these features, this can be a portable camping grill. 

  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Small Sized Grill
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Removable folding side tables
  • Electronic ignition
  • Not detachable from the cart

Megamaster 6 Burner 753 Sq. Inch-Best Propane Gas Grill under 500?

The biggest grill we have seen on this list till now. Its price is low in the budget; you don’t have to break the bank for a big sized grill. It can complete the desire of a large grill at an affordable price. 

It has a solid and sturdy shape, build quality. With a lid-mounted thermometer, which enables precise temperature control. 

This grill has 6 burners which can produce 54,400 BTUs. Enough space for cooking plenty of meals at a single time without any issue. This is the best 6 burner gas grill under 500.

best natural gas grills under 500
Megamaster 6 Burner 753 Sq. Inch-Propane Gas Grill

Megamaster 6 Burner has a total cooking area of 753 Square inches, And a warming rack is also included which covers 210 square inches of total cooking area. 

Some people say its part has low quality. But I think in this price range we cannot expect more. This a low budget big size grill. 

It also includes an electronic ignition system, which makes it easy to start up the grill without the hassle of letters and matches. 

7mm Porcelain-enamelled cooking grates, Storage space for the tank, In my opinion, this is good quality grill if you want a big sized grill under a low budget. 

  • Sleek design
  • Large Cooking Area
  • 6 Burners
  • Lind Mounted Thermometer
  • Oversized side tables
  • Some Parts have low quality,
  • (But good in this price)

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill- Best natural gas grill under 500

This is a restaurant-style grill. This is an open style grill don’t come with a lid, Different from grills which we have seen in this list. 

With all its good features I have to include this grill into our list. This is a grill which is covering 601 square inches, It is very versatile and sleek looking. 

And 501 square inches, is the area for your piping hot burgers, steaks, etc. If you want to through bbq parties to your friends and family. Let me tell you, that you can easily cook for a minimum of 40 peoples per hour. 

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill
Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

It has four stainless steel burners that can produce can total of 48,000 BTUs. And similar to other grills it also has an electronic ignition system. 

The flat-top grill has a high-quality griddle which can spread the heat, and cook the meat evenly from every side. 

With its two folding side shelves, you can easily do preps for your meal. And don’t worry that how will you clean this grill, Grease management system is also included which makes it easy to clean up. 

The overall dimension is 62.5″ 37″ x 22 and it weighs around 142 lbs.

This is a restaurant-grade grill that you can always enjoy in your house. 

It has more than 400 ratings with 4.7 stars out of 5. With these ratings, you can also consider this grill. 

  • 4 Burners
  • 501 square inches Cooking Area
  • Heavier gauge steel griddle
  • Two folding side shelves
  • Knobs Quality Can be improved

Char-Broil 463377319-4-Burner Cart Style

It has more than 850 ratings with 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.

This is a char broil 4 burner grill. Charbroil is a very popular brand in the grill markets. This grill is not a huge grill and nor a small grill, this is medium-sized. 

Which makes it perfect small for medium spaces in your backyard. Now you can also enjoy the bbq in your backyard. And surprisingly it is not that expensive. 

This beauty has a total cooking space of 425 square inches. And the four burners are powered 36,000 BTUs Enough for large-sized families you can enjoy the bbq in your backyard. 

best natural gas grills under 400
Char-Broil 463377319

Now let’s see the measurements of this grill, it is 23-inches wide and 18.5 inches deep. As always porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates are included in this beauty.

It also has a side burner that can produce 10,000 BTUs. Not only that it also has two side shelves, If you see the picture it looks like that it has only one side shelving. 

But no, the lid can be closed of the side burner, so space can also be used as a prep table If the side burner is not in use. 

With Stainless Steel side shelves, and Lit mounted temperature control. Easy Cleanup. Its removable grease tray makes it very easy to clean. 

With two seven inches wheels, it is very easy to move it around. I think you can also consider this as best natural gas grills under 500.

  • 4 burner grill
  • Stainless Steel side shelves
  • Removable grease tray
  • Cart Style grill
  • Side Burner
  • Some Parts Have low Quality

Royal Gourmet ZH3003-3-Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill Combo

If you haven’t decided which grill you choose gas or charcoal grill. Then this model can solve your problem because it is a hybrid grill.

You can choose this grill on both charcoal and gas, without any problem. You might think that this grill is the only one which works on both mechanism. 

But no, These are two separate grills on the same stand. This is also a large grill not a small, It also has a unique and beautiful shape. 

This comes in two versions a simple without cabins, and if you go with the prime model you will get cabins under the grill, and stainless steel build.  

The ZH3003 has a total cooking area 810 square inches, And adjustable three good quality burners, Which can produce 27,000 BTUs. 

Royal Gourmet ZH3003
Royal Gourmet ZH3003

Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, For cleaning purposes you will get removable grease drip cup, And this feature is for both sides, charcoal, and gas. 

Removable ashtray for the charcoal section. On the gas side, you can control the temperature by rotation of the nobs. But in charcoal, it is not the same. 

Easily accessible air vents for charcoal section, You can use them to restrict or increase the airflow. 

Tons of storage space for your preps of food. And side shelves, this is a very spacious grill, you can have fun with both gas and charcoal. And it’s a little expensive. 

  • Combo Grill
  • 810 square inches
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Removable grease drip cup
  • Adjustable Charcoal Pan
  • Assembly Is difficult

Royal Gourmet Event – 8 Burner gas grill.

This is the biggest grill till now on our list. This is not a small-sized grill that is designed especially for large spaces, Events. And it cannot be placed in a small space. 

This grill is heavy buy still you can easily move it around. Because it has 4 wheels. 

This beauty is powered by 8 burners. A single burner can produce 13000 BTUs. And all together they produce massive 104,000 BTUs. Its shape is simple and straight forward. 

This Royal Gourmet grill has 950 square inches of total cooking area. Massive right? Two regulators are also provided for the propane system.

I think now you want to know how much food can I cook at a single time? You can cook 60 burgers and 120 burgers at a single time. 

Royal Gourmet Event
Royal Gourmet Event

It also has porcelain-coated cooking grates. We discussed the benefits of porcelain-coated grates. 

And in this price range, you will also get a high-quality build. IT panel is covered by stainless steel which gives extra durability. 

Nowadays, the electric ignition system is very common. The grease management system is also provided which covers ample space. 

As you can see in the image, it also has two aluminum foldable tables, Which is essential for cooking preps. If you put around 25 lbs, The table will not wobble.

And you also got two shelves under the grill, Which provide more storage space in this grill.

  • 950 square inches of total cooking area
  • Aluminum foldable tables,
  • Electric ignition system
  • 104,000 BTUs
  • 4 wheels.
  • Al little overpriced then 500$


best gas grills under 500

Buying Guide For best natural gas grills under 500


In this list of best natural gas grills under 500, we have seen a lot of different sizes. The size of the grill depends on you, If you have larger space you should go with a large-sized grill.


If you want a grill for yourself or a little family, choose a small grill because it is easy to operate.

And if you are a person who is planning to give large parties, I think you should go with a larger grill.


Will you move your grill around? Table top grills are easy to move around just pick the grill and move it.

Although many grills have 2 or 4 wheels. Which makes it a lot easier to move, better than old models.

Burner power

If you usually grill chicken or any veggies, then you should choose a low BTU grill. And If want nice sear marks which are only done quickly by a hotter grill.

Although many grills in the market, Which have high BTU provide better control of the heat.


You don’t need to worry at all about this. In this list the grills we checked out. Almost have grease catching tray. You can choose whichever you want.

Want to see grills in a low budget?

If you are thinking that i need a cheaper grill, 500 dollars is a bit harsh on my wallet then you would like this option. Best gas grills under 400 dollars.

And you can also consider this Best charcoal grills under 200.

So have you chosen your best natural gas grills under 500? Please let me know, By commenting down below thanks.

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