What’s the best type of smoker for beginners [Buying Guide]

BBQ is not an easy task for everyone, especially for the beginner. Are you a beginner then you are in the right place.

We will suggest you the best smoker for the beginner that will help you in delicious bbq.

Excited! Before your smoked meat, the most important step is to choose a smoker. We will look on to the types of smoker. 

This guide will make it easy to find smoker according to your needs. And make the best decision.

How many types of the smoker?

There are almost 6 major types of smoker.

  1. Pellet smoker
  2. Charcoal smoker
  3. Propane gas smoker
  4. Offset smoker
  5. Electric Smoker

Pellet Smokers-Best Smoker for a beginner?

Best type of pellet smoker

Pellet smokers are easy to use you can start your smoker and forget about it. These smokers have abilities to maintain the required temperature, By burning the wood pellets (As Needed).

Pellet smokers are also known as pellet grills. Because sometimes they get hot up to 500 F And can be used as grills.

The downside of these smokers is they are not that much power compared to which rely on fire.

But, Don’t worry these smokers can still produce more smoke than the electric ones. You can still get a nice smoke ring with this smoker.

How pellet smokers work?

A pellet smoker works on charcoal or wood pellets which burns at the bottom of the smoker.

The pellet smoker heats a cooking chamber, The chamber where air can circulates and heat food via convection.

When all pellets are burned, or low on fuel, Then woods is dispensed from the top of the cooking chamber.

More wood is dispensed from a pellet hopper located above the cooking chamber.

A gimlet is on the top which pushes the pellets in the centre of the chamber of the smoker.

Are Charcoal Smokers is a good option?

best type of smoker for beginners [Buying Guide]

A charcoal smoker is a type of smoker. These types of smoker can take a long time period for smoking meat. A charcoal smoker has burning coal at the bottom.

The charcoal burns slowly and provide indirect and low heat to the meat. Which provides a deep flavour in the meat.

Some people say that charcoal smoker and charcoal grills are the same things. But in reality, they both have a different purpose.

The only downside of the charcoal smoker is we have to maintain the temperature manually.

Temperature can be maintained by adjusting the airflow dampers. It can take a bit of practice to master the charcoal smoker.

If you are interested in charcoal grills you can have a look at Best charcoal grills.

How Charcoal Smoker Works?

Charcoal smoker works by providing consistent temperature. And these can take hours to get a deep smokey flavour.

The temperature of the meat from inside and the temp of the surrounding of the smoker will remain the same.

If you want the best BBQ smoker flavour, the meat has to cook gradually. This step of smoking meat makes it different from the barbecue grill.

The standard BBQ grills work like a charm, they can sear the meat within minutes, But we cannot get that smoky flavour from them.

What is Propane gas smoker?

best type of smoker for beginners

The propane gas smoker is identical to the electric smoker. Gas smoker and charcoal smoker almost work on the same principle the only difference is the source of energy.

The gas smoker uses propane gas tank as its heating source. This smoker is also known as vertical propane smokers.

These smokers type does not need any special attention like a charcoal smoker. And you cannot select any specific temperature. But this issue also resolved by the companies.

Some model comes with gas controlling knobs from which you can easily select the temperature according to the need.

They also has specific are for chips/chunks for the wood. The downside of the gas smoker is chips/chunks burns extremely fast.

If you are interested in gas grills you can also check out best gas grills.

What is an offset smoker?

What is an offset smoker
Offset Smoker

Another type of smoker has offset smoker is also is known as offset barrel smoker. These type of smokers work on wood fires, It is easy to wood chips, logs, chunks without opening the chamber.

The logs are any other type of fuel material is positioned opposite from the chamber it is also known as reverse flow technology.

Small holes are present in the chamber which are near to the fire. Large holes are also present in the chamber which are far away from the fire.

Temperature can be controlled by adjusting the air intake and exhaust vents. If we open vents the more oxygen can come in, And that oxygen makes more fire.

These holes are used to balance the hot airflow. If we compare the offset smoker to another type of smokers it is a bit difficult to operate.

So we don’ recommend the offset smoker for beginners. Some reasons are mentioned below.

  1. It is not easy to control the temperature of offset smoker.
  2. If you go for a high-quality smoker. It is made from thick steel which makes it a lot heavier.
  3. Expensive for users.
  4. Take an hour for preheating.
  5. wind, rain and cold weather can affect the performance.

Factors to consider while buying Offset smoker.

  1. Buy thick steel model.
  2. Are handles of good quality?
  3. How is the build quality?
  4. Size of the smoker is enough?
  5. Are the handles insulated?

What is an Electric Smoker?

Electric Smoker Can be a good choice?
Electric Smokers

I think electric smoker can be a good choice if you are a beginner because it is much easier to operate. Just plug and play, And put some amount of the wood, And you are ready to go.

Electric smokers can do an amazing job of equalizing the temperature and helps to create delicious BBQ.

But also consider, These smokers cannot give an extreme smoky flavour to the meat.

All electric smokes have different features which vary from its size, Double door, warming rack etc.

Almost all type of electric smoker has a good build quality, And have cast iron or stainless steel construction.

How Electric Smokers Work?

An electric smoker produces smoke by heating up the rods which are present in the smoker. Which runs on electricity of course.

The electric rods produce heat and then heat is circulated in the chamber via convection. With the option of burning wood as alongside it is easy to achieve that smokey flavour.

Major parts of electric smoker.

  1. Heating Rods
  2. Wood chip tray
  3. Water Pan
  4. Grill Racks
  5. Vents And Dampers

Conclusion for the best type of smoker for a beginner.

So, After seeing the complete list of smokers, Now you are curious to known which one is best for you.

I will suggest you go for a pellet smoker, electric smoker or charcoal smoker. Because these smokers are easy to operate for a beginner.

Offset smoker and propane gas smoker is not suggested because it is harder to maintain the temperature of these smokers.

Electric Smokers? It easy to use and provide consistent result.

Pellet Smokers? easy to use and versatile, Please note they can do a big dent to your pocket. expensive than other types of smoker.

Charcoal Smokers? You can best smoke flavour. easy to use, easy to move around..

Final Thoughts

We tried out best to give an idea of what should you consider If you are choosing the first smoker. It is very tough to find the best smoker for beginners. Let us know in the comment section what do you think about these smokers.

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